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About Us

After many years of working in the financial industry, Susan Dick decided to open her own firm to provide her clients with a place where they could feel confident in their investing and the services offered to them. In the early part of 2007, Susan began looking for a broker/dealer with the same ideals and services she wished to provide to her clients. In August of that year, she joined Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

At the end of 2007, Susan Dick Financial Services, LLC, moved into its new home. The office building, centrally located in Bartlesville's downtown area, provides a comfortable workplace for clients and employees. The newly remodeled inside contains a comfortable reception area, five offices, a large conference room, kitchen, coffee bar, modern amenities and up-to-date technologies.

Your team is composed of astute professionals who conduct business with the highest customer service possible. We are pleased to help clients who have turned to us for competent financial guidance by taking a long term approach–not just following the volatility of the short-term market. We ask in-depth questions about your current and future personal needs, your desired financial goals, investment experience and risk tolerance. After creating personalized solutions designed to meet your financial goals, we begin steps to implement the customized plan. Once in place we ensure time along the way for review and recommendations. Our staff is ready to work with you.